"What matters deafness of the ear, when the mind hears. The one true deafness, the incurable deafness, is that of the mind."  Victor Hugo

Welcome to ASL

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The purpose of this site is to provide support for hearing parents who have deaf children and want to use American Sign Language (ASL) as the means of communication. We believe that ASL is the key to deaf children developing language skills and creating literacy in English.

Our beliefs are based on the following

  1. We believe there is nothing wrong with deafness. We do not want to change the child but rather embrace him. We want to grow with the child in his natural environment.

  2. We believe in the value of language at the earliest stages in life.

  3. We believe that language and culture are inseparable, therefore

  4. We believe in and support full activity in the deaf community. 

  5. We believe that the key to raising a deaf child is total and complete parental involvement. Simply stated the raising of a deaf child by hearing parents is a twenty-four hour, seven-days-a-week job. 

We are aware there are those who have different opinions and some who are vehemently opposed to our stance. While we disagree with them we support their choices. Our empirical evidence has shown that parents have successfully raised deaf children using other methodologies; to name a few Cued Speech, Oral, SEE, PSE and Cochlear Implants and/or any combination of the above. For that reason we also have links to sites that support views different then ours.

Successfully raising a deaf child has nothing to do with methodology but rather involvement. The kind of involvement we stated above. However, due to our belief in language acquisition at the earliest stages of life we have established this site to support those parents that share our belief in ASL as the language of choice for a deaf child.

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